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San Jose State Returns
Message Date: 8/31/2014 6:15:40 PM
Author: Edwin Samuels
Subject: San Jose State Returns
Message Body:
Rumor has it San Jose State is bring back D1 polo.

Its all true we have been actively working with SJSU to establish budget and other basic parameters for year 2015. Head coach has not been announced, but if all goes as planned, I believe all of the water polo community will be excited. A new pool will be built in the center of campus by 2016. The fundraising is up and running and so far has been very successful. We still need to find a establish contact with so many former Spartans and players of our era.
The committee fundraising for the program consists of Bill Simpkins (Stanford 1971), Ed Samuels (SJSU 1973), and of course the incomparable Bruce Watson (SJSU 1973).
If you are interested in contributing to the first Division 1 team in some 30 years and the glorious rebirth of this storied program contact info for all three is ousted here:

Ed Samuels
Bruce Watson
Bill Simpkins

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