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Topic: Masters
New Rules
Message Date: 2/27/2014 9:49:41 PM
Author: Karl Blum
Subject: New Rules
Message Body:
Unbelievable that the water polo world has just rewarded crappy defense. With the slowdown rule after an ejection, it is completely rewarding the defense after they have hacked the offensive player. Part of playing a cerebral game was the ability to go for the quick and take advantage of a defense that was not aware. Now with this slow down rule, it pays to hack the offense, earn the kickout, and take your chance at an offense that probably won't score more than 50% on the extra man situations. So again, the defense is rewarded twice for a hack of an ejection, and then slowing down the offense. The argument that you are rewarding an offensive player with a chance to score that is better than a 5 meter, is preposterous. If your good enough to obtain position, work to score and then get hacked, you should be able to be rewarded with a quick score.

Shame to FINA technical committee and rules committees.

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