Sailors Cup - 7th Annual
Date/Time:5/15/2020 - 5/17/2020
Host:Newport Beach Water Polo, Inc.
Tournament Details
Tournament Description

Rules for Sailors Cup will be consistent with current USA WP rules. 1. The Newport Beach Sailors Cup will follow USAWP/FINA Rules except: a. 2 T.O. per game. b. 15 players maximum per team. c. 25M or yards course with floating goals. d. 6 min. quarter for 12U and 14U i. 5 min quarter for 10U e. Each game will have a winning team. In case of ties penalty shots will determine the winning team. f. The ball size for the tournament will be size 4 -3 -2. g. All athletes, coaches, and clubs must be USAWP registered for 2020. Age based on JO 2020. h. Only coaches listed on the team roster will be allowed and eligible to coach and to sit on the bench. In the case there is no eligible coach available the game will end with 5 – 0 score in favor of the opposing team. i. Ejection areas are opposite the scorer’s table, unless otherwise noted before the game. j. The “home” team will start, facing the scoring table, to the left of it. 2. All teams must provide rosters to Newport Beach Water Polo with the same cap number that each athlete will have to wear for the entire tournament. First team listed will wear white caps, and it will be the “home” team. 3. Any forfeits result in a $100 fine per game to the offending team. Games are ruled a forfeit 5 minutes after the scheduled start time or if a team does not have at least 7 players on their roster ready to play at the start. A tournament schedule will be provided, and the team will be responsible to follow it.

Location & Contact Information
Pool Site:Newport Harbor HS
600 Irvine Ave
Newport Beach, CA  92663
Tournament Contact:Michele Rankin

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